Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2023

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Skeletal anchorage with metal printed appliances: Digital workflow & clinical applications


As digitalization proceeds, technologies like intraoral scanning and 3D printing facilitate new clinical workflows and treatment protocols. Using selective laser melting (SLM) printers, highly individualized appliances can be manufactured with minimal need for preformed parts. Combined with temporary anchorage devices (TADs), these metal printed appliances provide many advantages in terms of treatment efficacy and versatility. This lecture presents current techniques and workflows to create and apply skeletal anchorage with metal printed appliances. In clinical examples, the application of mini-implant and mini-plate borne appliances are demonstrated. 

Learning objectives

  • Steps of a digital workflow to plan mini-implant positioning 
  • Insertion sites for mini-implants 
  • CAD/CAM manufacturing of metal printed appliances 
  • Different mini-implant insertion techniques 
  • Clinical application of different skeletally anchored appliances
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