Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2023

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Digitally optimising passive self-ligating orthodontics


We are living the Golden age of orthodontics with amazing digital technologies at our disposal, and by embracing these technologies we can elevate our treatment results and give our patient amazing experience. In this lecture, Dr. Borgan will share his hybrid digital/analogue workflow from accurate diagnosis using digital photography and intra-oral scanning to selecting correct torques for Passive self-ligating brackets using CBCT. This will demonstrate how combining these technologies will give our patients amazing natural smiles even in difficult cases, where previously major surgeries would have been the only option. He will also discusses recent innovations in digitally designed finishing aligners that are directly 3D printed. 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the digital workflow in the modern Orthodontic Practice
  • Learn the multi layer benefits of Intra-oral scanning for all patients 
  • Learn how to use CBCT on deciding torque selection for PSL orthodontics 
  • Understand hybrid aligner/braces workflow 
  • Understand the future of Passive Self-ligating system in the digital world 
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