Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2018

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Self- Ligating Brackets: Indirect Bonding from A to Z


Clinical researchers indicated that the positioning of self-ligating brackets was less accurate than the conventional bracket when using a direct bonding technique. So, Indirect bonding could be our choice to solve this issue. Indirect bonding is the single most important step in orthodontic treatment. Not only does it improve final tooth positioning, but it also shortens treatment time. This is because it greatly reduces the need for bracket repositioning and addition of finishing bends. So, you will say Goodbye to direct bonding, to prolonged finishing phase and extended treatment time, to bracket repositioning.


Upon completion of the workshop the participants will:

  • Determine proper self-ligating brackets positions.
  • Learn a simple and reliable indirect bonding technique.
  • Learn how to make a transfer tray.
  • Learn how to apply the technique chairside with maximum efficiency.
  • Know the use of the new era 3D digital models in indirect bonding.
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