Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2018

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Clinical Applications of Intraoral Scanners in Orthodontics


The presentation will cover the most used scenarios where intraoral scanners have impacted daily practice in Orthodontist. Within this presentation Dr Garino will share his experience on how he introduced intraoral scanning in his orthodontic practice 8 years ago, which are the strong points on using a scanner in a modern orthodontic practice, which were and are the challenges in the learning curve and how the workflow changed over the time. The speaker will share which are the procedures were an intraoral scanner can replace the conventional procedures both in diagnostics and clinical steps.

Clinical examples will be presented were it will be emphasized the importance of precision and where intraoral scanning can be more detailed if compared with conventional procedures. It will be presented also in which orthodontic techniques intraoral scanning are today integrated, both with fixed appliances and aligner orthodontics. A part of the presentation will be used to introduce the integration of intraoral scanning with 3D printing, one of the latest innovation in dentistry. Last but not least it will be explained how this digital technology can affect communication with patient during the different stages of the orthodontic experience.

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