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Shofu Focus Products

Inject & Shape for Easier… Faster… Stronger restorations

The need for easier, simpler and faster workflow is critical in dentistry, now more than ever before. Re-engineered nanotechnology with the development of unique S-PRG nano-fillers with nano-optimized silane technology, signals a new milestone in restorative dentistry.

Innovation of the next-generation of universal bioactive injectable composite - Beautifil Injectable X streamlines restorative workflow by offering predictable strength, durability, natural aesthetics with self-polishing capability and the unique “Inject as you Shape” convenience. Patented S-PRG fillers impart anti-plaque and anti-caries benefits for additional protection and longevity of the restoration.

Uniform filler microstructure imparts remarkable optical qualities for easy shade match and effortless, lasting polish with the OneGloss 2-in-1 Smart polishers.

Restore a wide spectrum of anterior and posterior restorations with ease as you can shape while injecting at the restoration site. Use of custom-made disposable Barrier Sleeves with the ergonomically designed Beautifil Injectable X syringe provides additional protection against cross contamination. Special syringe design prevents oozing and minimal residual paste in the tip for greater savings.

  • Available in 2 distinct viscosities in 2.2 gm syringe:
  • Beautifil Injectable X – Universal Restorative
  • Beautifil Injectable XSL – Self-levelling high strength Flow

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Life-like aesthetics powered by Beautifil IILS


Beautifil IILS bioactive composite offers a smart solution for your direct resin restorations with its life-like aesthetics, sculptable, non-tacky consistency and exceptional durability.

Smart Benefits for your Practice:

  • Predictable aesthetics for seamless restorations
  • Optimal light diffusion for a perfect shade match without requiring complicated stratification
  • Non-sticky consistency enables easy adaptation and shaping of restorations
  • Unique S-PRG fillers impart bioactive properties – anti-plaque & anti-caries benefits for greater longevity
  • Effortless polish to a lasting natural lustre
  • Robust polymer- filler complex ensures remarkable mechanical properties and durability
  • Low volumetric shrinkage – 0.85%

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SHOFU Block & Disk HC  

Gain total control at your fingertips as you Shape, Finish or Polish direct resin restorations with One Gloss Smart Polisher, by simply altering the contact pressure.

Made with a high concentration of aluminium oxide, this versatile impregnated silicone polisher saves chair time while enabling you to get the desired anatomy and surface texture.

Finish @ Pressure of approx 1.0 Newton with intermittent water
Polish @ Pressure of approx 0.3 Newton – for polishing

Ideal for:

  • Finishing and polishing of direct aesthetic resin restorations
  • Creating surface texture on direct resin restorations, similar to natural teeth
  • Removing surface stains without damaging the enamel
  • Polishing of enamel after scaling
  • Removing excess cement without marring enamel or damaging delicate inlays
  • Removing excess cement after Orthodontic de-banding

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SHOFU HC Hybrid Ceramic is designed with exceptionally natural aesthetics, superior mechanical properties, faster milling and easy polishability for natural lustre.

Homogeneous dispersion of micro-ceramic fillers in a robust matrix imparts superior mechanical properties with exceptional durability and shock resilience. Shofu Disk and Block HC are designed for fast and precise (dry or wet) milling into highly aesthetic and durable restorations that exhibit exceptional marginal adaptation and strong bond to natural tooth structure. 

SHOFU HC Hybrid Ceramic is ideal for an array of aesthetic restorations- inlays, onlays, veneers, anterior/posterior crowns as well as implant supported restorations.

A class apart, Shofu Hybrid Ceramics offers time-efficiency and the flexibility of CADCAM block or disk, which can be seamlessly integrated into the digital workflow.

Created through a rigorous manufacturing process, SHOFU BLOCK / DISK HC exhibit superior features and consistent quality.

  • Life-like Aesthetics with natural opalescence
  • Excellent polishability for lasting aesthetics
  • Remarkable stain resistance
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Greater flexural strength and shock absorbing ability

SHOFU HC Blocks are compatible with popular CADCAM systems

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Stain Like a Master with Vintage Art Universal Stains


Vintage Art Universal is an innovative true-colour stain system developed to simulate life-like restorations with all types of contemporary ceramics: porcelain fused to metal/zirconia fused to metal/veneering ceramic for lithium disilicate/lithium disilicate/ monolithic zirconia

Developed with novel low-fusing, ultra-fine glass technology with intense colour pigment particles, Vintage Art Universal powder stains and glazes exhibit a homogeneous mixture with convenient handling for remarkable coverage. 

These ultra-fine, intense, universal powder stains remain fresh at every use. What you see is what you get, before & after firing which minimizes error, saves time, enabling a fast & efficient one-step stain/glaze firing. Vintage Art Universal Stain/glaze mixture is easy to apply precisely where you need it, with no runs/streaks.

Truly a flexible system, it offers 2 variations of mixing liquids & glazing powders with/without fluorescence to mimic true-to-nature shades, characteristics & 3D effects.

Vintage Art Universal stain system is ideal for 2D / 3D staining to meticulously replicate internal and external shade characteristics of natural teeth.  

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Zirconia with the Aesthetic Difference

No more aesthetic compromises in Zirconia Restorations…

Shofu ZR Lucent is an innovative, multi-layered, highly translucent, pre-shaded, gradient, zirconia disk with life-like aesthetics and exceptional durability for predictable anterior and posterior restorations.

An outstanding flexural strength of over 1,000 MPa ensures durability and resilience. Shofu ZR Lucent comes with a unique balance of shades and high level of translucency in a single millable blank that ensures seamless aesthetic integration and efficient production.

Smooth transition in the five-layer blanks enables a harmonious, life-like blend of shade intensities from enamel (one layer, 30%) to dentine (three layers, 35%) and the cervical area (one layer, 35%). The high translucency and harmonious blend of shades in the  ZR Lucent multilayer blank allows you to perfectly match the natural dentition. 

The restorations can be further enhanced by either simply staining and glazing with Vintage Art Universal Stains or by micro-layering with Vintage ZR veneering Porcelain

Suitable for 

  • Anterior crowns & veneers
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Anterior bridges (up to 6 units) 
  • Posterior crowns & bridges (upto 3 units)


Easy, Quick & Reliable Steps to polishing Zirconia

Frustrated while polishing Zirconia restorations?

ZiLMaster, a unique colour co-ordinated, three-step diamond impregnated polishing system will enable you to attain the smoothest surface with high gloss on all-ceramic Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate restorations

Systematic polishing in 3 simple steps: 

  • ZiLMaster Coarse (green banded shank) – for finishing and pre-polishing
  • ZiLMaster Medium (blue banded shank) – for polishing
  • ZiLMaster Fine (yellow banded shank) – for super polishing

Designed with precise concentricity and uniform distribution of even-sized diamond particles in a resilient silicone base, ZilMaster ensures efficient performance with low vibration and minimal heat generation, virtually eliminating the risk of micro cracks. 

These autoclavable polishers remove even the finest scratches with ease, smoothening and polishing hard zirconia surfaces to a lasting shine. 

ZiLMaster is available in a variety of shapes and shanks for lab (HP) and clinical (CA) application.

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