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17th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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R2GATE, implant planning & ONE-DAY Solution

R2GATE is innovative implant diagnostic software that analyses the oral condition and it shows the best option for implant treatment. With R2GATE, you can plan the ideal prosthetic-driven (top-down) implant position by considering prosthetic design, gingiva form, occlusal relationship, immediate loading and all other factors needed.  

After intuitively checking the shape and density of bone via Digital Eye, you can obtain strong initial stability by customizing the drilling path and sequence. The software also provides a guideline for whether immediate loading is possible or not.

R2GATE merges the STL (3D scanning of model or impression) with the CBCT file to overcome the CBCT’s limitations such as metal scattering and distortion. As a result, it enables R2GATE to show all gingiva forms and relationships of neighbouring teeth intuitively. 

Innovatively designed with this software, the R2 Guide allows you to drill down as planned for convenient and precise implant surgery.

On top of that prosthetics can be prepared with R2GATE as a single, bridge, and screw-retained type according to your preferences.

R2GATE is already tried and trusted worldwide in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, UAE, Romania, Australia, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey... Doctors are using R2GATE in over 60 countries.

Special features

  • Standardized CT values & colour coding for accurate bone & tissue analysis for optimum implant placement planning
  • Individualized drilling sequences to ensure optimal initial fixation and stability
  • Unique tablet-friendly application for busy clinicians to confirm diagnostic information & final treatment plan
  • Specially designed surgical guide to maximize accuracy, control vertical fixture & inner-hex positions & realize ONE-DAY solutions

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MegaGen’s AnyRidge – Motivated by Heart Driven by Science

MegaGen’s AnyRidge implant combines an in-depth understanding of human biology, function, mechanics, materials, design and outcomes. 

Based on many years of clinical experience, the dentists and researchers behind the development of AnyRidge were all focused on improving the patient experience by minimizing pain, accelerating healing, enhancing function and perfecting the final esthetics.

As a result, AnyRidge goes far beyond the basic concept of a dental implant allowing the possibility of immediate placement, immediate loading plus an immediate smile. 

AnyRidge implant offers more than can be expected from a dental implant and is the ideal solution for any missing tooth. In case such as immediate or early loading–even in softer bone, clinical results show that key features like:

  • Guaranteed excellent stability, an event with compromised bone density
  • Less reduction & more preservation of cortical bone
  • No screw loosening guaranteed with Magic Five (5° internal connection)
  • Unique and valuable ISQ pattern; essential for predictable immediate or early loading
  • Wider implant possibilities than crestal width
  • Clinically proven safety
  • Faster & stronger osseointegration with unique surface treatment (Xpeed).
  • Esthetic design & varied abutment selection
  • Strong for Stability, More Surface Area
  • Better soft tissue response
  • Innovative R2GATE software for completing implant & prosthesis in ONE DAY

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