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FKG Focus Products


RACE® EVO, The RaCe Legacy
The latest introduction of rotary systems by FKG, RACE® EVO evolved from two decades of higher speed precision performance design, and original RaCe product features. A proprietary heat treatment process meets a ground-breaking protocol using higher rotation speed to deliver greater soft control, increased efficiency and improved patient safety in every instrument. Boasting 40% more flexibility, 50% higher cutting efficiency and 2.8 times more resistance to fatigue than its predecessor, RACE® EVO instruments are engineered for high performance and smooth progression.

RACE® EVO offers two core sequences with the highest optimal-use range: RACE® EVO 4% and RACE® EVO 6% - complete with one glide path and two shaping instruments. In addition, the flexibility offered by the choice of two larger instruments ensures each treatment is bespoke to the patient. The versatility offered by the RACE® EVO system allows clinicians to treat the vast majority of cases. The highest-quality Swiss manufacturing standards coupled with FKG’s proud reputation for reliability and clinical excellence provides maximum reassurance.



R-Motion®, Reciprocation Redefined
R-Motion® is the first true complete solution in reciprocation endodontics to combine enhanced instrument flexibility and fatigue resistance with a unique minimally invasive approach. Engineered for optimal ease and efficiency, R-Motion® is up to 3.3 times more flexible, and offers up to 3.6 times the fatigue resistance of standard NiTi reciprocating systems. 

The R-Motion® range comprises 5 reciprocating files – 1 for glide path (R-Motion Glider), and 4 shaping instruments to choose from (R-Motion 25, R-Motion 30, R-Motion 40 and R-Motion 50).

The all-new sleek core design of R-Motion® and elite heat treatment, equip these instruments with unrivalled flexibility, high resistance to fatigue, superior cutting efficiency, and a reduced screwing effect. Demonstrating 60% less transportation than standard reciprocating NiTi systems, R-Motion® offers improved centering ability and respect of the canal anatomy, and up to a 40% reduction of dentinal stress compared to other leading endodontic providers. The result? Smoother progression in the canal - putting control back into the hands of clinicians, improved patient safety, and an increased treatment efficiency for a wide range of canal anatomies. And as ever, a minimally invasive approach - the trademark for all FKG instrument systems. 


XP-endo® solutions

XP-endo® Solutions revolutionizes endodontics using breaking innovation, optimized solutions, and Swiss precision manufacturing so you can master your practice faster, more safely and efficiently.
Now the most unique and complete 3D canal management system available, our dual file designs feature high adaptability and minimally invasive tooling for maximum canal safeguarding. Expand your mind and your craft.

XP-endo® Shaper is the ultimate shaping tool. Designed for unparalleled precision and efficiency, its adaptive core technology, 1% guiding taper and innovative kinetics intelligently safeguards original root canal shapes like never before – perfect for most complex structures and completely suited for both patient treatment and retreatment.

XP-endo® Finisher is designed for optimal expansion and seamless canal wall cleaning. Its minimalistic construction and state-of-the-art materials offer more reach and better accuracy for initial and retreatment sequences. Available in two different diameters, with 0% taper, this unique cleaning system adapts to any anatomical dimension, radically simplifying and expediting your clinical protocols.

Retreatment therapy revolutionised to be faster and simpler. XP-endo Retreatment is a total treatment solution fusing the unique properties of our two files to boost your retreatment management. This complete system delivers greater process manoeuvrability to your practice, ensuring smoother, more thorough treatments, with the highest quality results.


Rooter® X3000

The Rooter® X3000 advances endodontics with a new cordless, brushless endo-motor with integrated apex locator achieving a speed of 3000 rpm. 

Adaptability as technical keyword 
Benchmark speed coupled with guaranteed stability and precision are only the tip of the iceberg of Rooter® X3000 features. Adaptability reflects its core, starting with the four FKG presets: XP-endo® Treatment, XP-endo® Retreatment, RACE® EVO, and R-Motion®. This saves time for endodontists, who can rely on manufacturer’s predefined recommendations for each file type. The endo motor also provides 10 user-programmable memories for all modes (EAL, CW, CCW, REC, or ATR), more than 60 speeds, and—of course—a high-precision built-in apex locator and a range of automatic apical functions. 

Agility as practical credo 
As with any device, practice validates innovation. With its ergonomic handpiece weighing only 157 grams, perfect balance, and fully rotatable ultra-slim contra-angle head, the Rooter® X3000 ensures a comfortable grip, agile handling, and excellent visibility of the operating field. FKG has designed and developed all details to provide maximum freedom of use to the practitioner, optimizing both speed and efficiency. Features include complete adaptability of the device and its display for both left- and right-handed users, a broad range of user-controlled settings, extensive file brand compatibility, wireless charging stand, and volume control. 



This radiopaque sealer system is revolutionising endodontic treatment. The Bioceramic sealer comes pre‐mixed in a syringe and is extremely simple to use. Thanks to TotalFill’s ability to bond to both dentin and TotalFill BC points, a perfect seal is achieved, with no shrinkage. The excellent fluidity of the sealer ensures a perfect three‐dimensional fill.  


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