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17th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Dentsply Sirona Focus Products

Digital Impression with Dentsply Sirona (Primescan and Omnicam)

The basis for best treatment results is the precise depiction of reality in a virtual model. With Primescan, intraoral scanning delivers excellent results like never before. It opens a world of possibilities for you - decide for yourself which way you want to take. Simply scan and send with a click - to whom you want. Work as usual with your lab and the partners of your choice - with open data formats or in a validated, secure workflow. Whether in prosthetics, implantology, orthodontics or other areas - stay flexible. Take the first step and let us accompany you on your individual path to digital dentistry. Make your workflows better, faster, and safer with digital impressions by Dentsply Sirona.

Primescan AC
Redefine your standards of outstanding accuracy and speed: Primescan enables all kinds of treatment, from single tooth to full arch. With Primescan intraoral scanning is now more accurate, faster and easier than ever before.

Omnicam AC
In addition to the new superstar Primescan, the proven Omnicam is a real alternative. Omnicam is still one of the smallest scanners available. It is therefore particularly easy to handle, scans powder-free and in colour. For more than seven years, it has impressed users worldwide and is always up to date thanks to continuous software updates.

Omnicam AF
New to the MENA region the Omnicam AF comprises the individual components of Omnicam including camera tray and PC. With more than 7 million scans per year, Omnicam is one of the most widely used scanners on the market – now with the option of the Acquisition Center (AC) and the flexible tabletop unit (AF).

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The most versatile 2D/3D unit with a big field of view and outstanding image quality for practices with a wide treatment spectrum. Developed together with dentists and clinicians, Axeos provides the fullest range of functions out of all Dentsply Sirona extraoral X-ray machines.

Clinical Confidence
High quality and sustainable solutions designed to provide exceptional images to support greater reliability, when diagnosing, treatment precision and clinical safety.

  • Fields of View Ø5x5.5 to Ø17x13 - more possibilities for the practice
  • DCS – Direct Conversion Sensor - sharpness for fine 2D details
  • Intelligent Low Dose - 3D imaging in a 2D dose range
  • High Definition Mode - with a resolution of up to 80 μm
  • Optional right or left - cephalometric arm can be retrofitted at any time

Smart Connectivity
Smoothly integrated workflows, thanks to state-of-the-art digitalization, numerous planning applications and seamless workflow automation.

  • Sidexis 4 Software - smartly connected and offers a broad array of treatment opportunities
  • Integration into clinic and DSO networks - through connectivity to PACS, RIS, DICOM Worklist and DICOM Printers. X-ray images according to the DICOM standard
  • Open interfaces - Sidexis 4 is compatible with over 200 practice management software packages. The possibility to import DICOM, STL and CEREC data or export DICOM data allows for high flexibility

Exceptional Experience
Individual, innovative design and ease of use support the practice team to work more efficiently, to reduce sources of error and provide a comfortable patient experience.

  • EasyPad - intuitive use with self-explaining symbols
  • PIA – Patient Positioning & Image Assistant - smart height adjustment reduces waiting time for patients and unique auto-positioner for reproducible image quality 
  • Integrated Cabinet with Ambient Light - for accessory storage

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Neo Spectra™ ST

Our decades of innovation in composite materials taught us what matters most to dentists. Neo Spectra™ ST is the successor of ceram.x® SphereTEC™ one, now a complete portfolio covering the full range of handling preferences and aesthetic needs with a single product line. SphereTEC® filler technology offers optimised performance in the areas that matter most, helping clinicians to achieve reliable, aesthetic results efficiently.

What’s new? Two universal composite handling options.

Neo Spectra™ ST composite offers optimised handling in a creamy and spreadable Low-Viscosity (LV) or a firm and packable High-Viscosity (HV) to accommodate your preference and technique for placement efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Feature: Novel SphereTEC™ filler technology.
  • Benefit: Exceptional handling comfort! Easy to adapt to cavity walls, margins and surfaces, no stock to the hand instrument, precise to sculpt, slump resistant and easy to extrude.
  • Feature: Extremely simple Cloud shade concept.
  • Benefit: Exciting clinical results made easy.
  • Feature: Fast and easy polishing.
  • Benefit: Extra glossy.
  • Feature: Great mechanical properties.
  • Benefit: Excellent choice for long-lasting restorations.

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ProTaper Ultimate Solutions

ProTaper™ has become one of the world’s most appreciated endodontic brand since its first launch in 2001. Twenty years later, Dentsply Sirona launches the latest edition of ProTaper™, one that will make an even stronger mark on the market and enable clinicians to reach an unlimited performance. 

ProTaper Ultimate™ is a complete solution combining the latest generation of ProTaper™ files, enhanced disinfection and dedicated obturation that works seamlessly together.

It covers the 3 steps of every successful treatment: shaping, cleaning and obturation.

Experience a journey towards predictable outcomes from the beginning to the end.

ProTaper Ultimate™: Performance unlimited.

Key features & benefits

  • Shaping _ mechanized files
  • Shaping _ manual files
  • Irrigation needle
  • Absorbent points
  • GuttaPercha points

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