Online Event 12-14 Nov 2020

15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Exposed: The Art and Science of Emotive Digital Photography for the Dental Clinician


Participants will learn basic camera settings, how to select equipment to purchase, and how to make outstanding photographs in various circumstances.

Dental photography serves as an effective tool for communication with colleagues, and as an emotional means of marketing to patients and clients regarding our clinical services and laboratory products. The implementation of sophisticated cameras that utilize a digital single lens reflex (DSLR), as well as the burgeoning use of evolving smartphone devices into daily practice and case documentation will be covered in detail. To round out the lecture, in-depth detail regarding intraoral shade analysis, patient portraits, bench-top photography, and publishing outstanding high-end results with low-end consumer cost to social media and for scientific peer-review will be discussed from the vantage point of a dual certified Prosthodontist and dental laboratory technician. At the end of course attendees will have a better understanding and appreciation for the value and impact of digital dental photography on case acceptance, marketing and personal/professional development.

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