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15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Digital Immediate Implant with Root Membrane Technique


Treatment of Non-Restorable Teeth in the aesthetic region can be quite challenging. Extraction is often the only option. Restoring the missing teeth with implant – supported restorations is probably the treatment of choice in most cases. The answer to the question as to “When to Insert the Implant” is very controversial. 

Insertion of implants in the fresh extraction socket is a very well documented treatment modality that is gaining more recognition. 

Though insertion of immediate implants will, to some extent, preserve the soft and hard tissue, the thin buccal plate of bone cannot be properly preserved. 

Root membrane techniques are proving to be quite effective in preserving the bone by keeping its blood supply through the periodontal artery. 

If done the proper way, it has the potential of preserving hard as well as soft tissue. In addition the treatment time is dramatically reduced. 

This presentation will explain step by step a clinical protocol that, if strictly adhered to, can lead to predictable results with extremely high success rate. 

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the clinical situations as to when this protocol can be employed 
  • Identify the steps needed to execute the treatment. 
  • Compare this treatment modality to other modalities that may be used. 
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