Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 12-15 Nov 2020

15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Predictability in Digital Dentistry Complete Workflows Based on the 3D-Virtual Patient


Dealing with accuracy, reliability and productivity is a challenge for all dental teams. During the lecture, MDT Jürgen Feierabend, from the worldwide South Tyrolean company Zirkonzahn, will illustrate the importance for dentists and dental technicians to embrace the changes that the digital revolution has brought to the dental sector. To this aim, Mr. Feierabend will perform an in-depth analysis of the latest state-of-the-art devices for a smooth, individual workflow, from digital patient analysis to the final restoration. 

A smooth digital workflow in treatment planning allows optimal results in terms of quality, effectiveness and cooperation within the treatment team, resulting in improved patient satisfaction. MDT Jürgen Feierabend will outline an innovative approach that gives particular attention to accuracy and patient involvement, placing the concept of predictability and the 1:1 digital acquisition of patient’s data as core values. In this context, innovative technologies enable to capture with high precision the patient’s individual reference planes and to obtain a photo-realistic 3D digitisation of the patient’s face. The 1:1 transferal of the acquired data in the digital world – without the loss of information – allows the treatment team to work on an always-accessible 3D virtual patient, minimising errors and providing the patient with a 100% individual restoration. Along with a reduction of try-ins at the practice, resulting in less patient anxiety, the workflow described during the lecture can increase the patient’s awareness through a virtual preview of the final restoration. 

The explanation of the digital workflow held by MDT Jürgen Feierabend will also focus on a new computer-based guided implant planning solution that allows for a backward planning and the following immediate loading of implants. The exposition is supported by a demonstration of patient cases, from the initial situation to the final restoration.

Besides that Jürgen Feierabend will introduce the latest innovations in the field of zirconia typologies, with a special attention to polychromatic typologies, explaining how to choose the right material for the right case to create natural looking and custom-made restorations.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify new zirconia material solutions for highly aesthetic and natural-looking restorations
  • Value the importance of digital patient diagnostic technologies as well as the advantages of working on an ever-present 3D virtual reproduction of the patient’s physiognomy and oral situation for 100% individual final restorations
  • Evaluate innovative patient treatment solutions such as digital full dentures, multifunctional mock-ups and ultra-thin zirconia veneers

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