Online Event 12-14 Nov 2020

15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Improving Aesthetics for In-Surgery Ceramic Restorations


Dentists will usually delegate anterior restorations to their technician because of fears of underachieving and providing their patients with inferior results. There are certainly times when a technician is required but many times a dentist will gain ultimate control and provide high end aesthetic results by providing In-Surgery CAD/CAM restorations completed in one visit. The decision making, the protocols and the workflows will be discussed and the specific details of the process to achieve success will be shared.


  • to provide a framework for decision-making for In-Surgery Ceramic Restorations
  • to detail the factors for successful aesthetics for In-Surgery Ceramic Restorations
  • to provide dentists the information to increase their confidence for providing In-Surgery Ceramic Restorations


  • Dentists will understands how to produce laboratory-standard ceramic restorations using CAD/CAM In-Surgery technology
  • They will have a better understanding of macro/micro anatomy and how important this is to provide 3-D ceramic restorations
  • They will also be able to apply micro-staining techniques to bring their restorations to life
  • They will understand when they should apply these techniques and when they should delegate the ceramics to a dental technician
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