Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 12-15 Nov 2020

15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Gold-Standards 2020 in Digital Dentistry and Implantology Demonstrated by an Extraordinary Patient Case

Learning objectives

  • CBCT-based 3 D diagnostics: unveil the hidden, avoid negative “surprise”
  • CBCT-based 3 D virtual planning: one-stop virtual therapy from surgery to final prosthetics
  • CBCT-based 3 D digital workflow: always a safety plan B and C in the backhand
  • CBCT-based 3 D treatment execution: avoid the unexpected and reduce complications
  • CBCT-based 3 D virtual therapy: make Your patients see the whole picture step by step


Modern dentistry allows the preservation of teeth with endodontic, periodontic and surgical treatments for longer times than ever before. The final result – once the teeth have to be finally removed – always is a lack of crestal bone for insertion of implants. Traditional procedures for bone-augmentation bear high risks of complications, are costly to learn and execute for the dentist and interfere strongly with patient's life. 

New state of the art technologies such as digital therapy-planning and bone densitometry based on XMIND-TRIUM-CBCT, atraumatic and minimal invasive Piezotome-surgery and innovative biology-based bone-grafting allow the management of even “advanced” cases by dentists with less risk of failure and more predictable results.

Contemporary XMIND-TRIUM-CBCT-based diagnosis and therapy planning, Piezotome-surgical execution and GBR  are explained by scientific evidence and demonstrated in a case report with a live-surgery video summary starting from bone reconstruction to final implant-insertion and prosthetic treatment after a disastrous failed attempt of bone augmentation with traditional procedures.

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