14th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference & Exhibition

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Custom Made Artistic Smile (Mix of CADCAM & Press)


Treating patients with cosmetic/esthetic dental needs by CAD/CAM technology involves meticulous process and procedures. It is carefully sequenced and guided by the amalgamation of some necessary principles of esthetics and patient’s expectation. 

Successful mix of using CAD/CAM and Press technologies depends on a thorough evaluation of all available information and materials, a proper diagnosis, and a thorough integration of all necessary procedures for each individual patient.

The different materials available for us using these technologies and your choice of selection is a key of success. Available materials will be shown in this lecture, so selecting the proper material and technique for your patients can positively impact your practice every single time for any different case presents at your clinic.

In this lecture you will be introduced to cases treated using these different methodologies and techniques. 

The lecture will involve presenting previously treated clinical cases using most of the popular different materials and the latest in CAD/CAM + Press technologies.

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