14th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference & Exhibition

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+1000 Digital Dentures Later. A Huge Improvement in Quality and How it Changes your Business Model

Lecture Objectives

  • a good overview of all the benefits and possibilties of digitale dentures.
  • different approaches and workflows for digital dentures clinical.
  • different ways of production of digital dentures.
  • a good idea of ROI and business model when starting with digital dentures.

One and a half years ago I had the opportunity to start a new laboratory from scratch. There were a lot of options to consider but I had one thought which stood out of all, “I don’t want to make any dentures by hand” and thus the full digital laboratory DTL Mediaan was born.

This is where my journey began of convincing investors, calculating and believing in digital dentures. After a year and a half of continuous growth in the business and more than 1000 digital dentures later, I can really confirm that digital dentures were the best choice I ever made.

I witnessed a great improvement in quality and patient satisfaction with the use of amazing possibilities from software and hardware available in the dental industry.

It showed how it made the business of dentures more profitable, higher quality and how it also changed the business model of a standard laboratory to a full digital laboratory implementing the 3D printing technology.

There is an important point to think about when you start with digital dentures, which aspects will change in my laboratory in workflow and business model and how to calculate and implementation of this back into your business.

In this presentation, I want to take you through my journey and show you which choices made this my story a success and made a “return on investment”  as well as something to laugh about.

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