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Dental Hygienist Seminar, 03 November 2017

09 November 2018
Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City

Part of 10th Dental Facial Cosmetic Int'l Conference

7 CME available | est. HAAD 7 CME | est. DHA 7 CME


04 November 2017, 09:00 – 12:00
InterContinental Hotel Festival City, Dubai, UAE
Target Audience: Dental Hygienist & Dentists
4 CE Credits | HAAD 4 CME | DHA 3 CME
Dr. Penelope Jones, Australia
Dr. Penelope Jones, Australia
After several years in general practice as a Dentist in Australia and London, Dr Penelope Jones worked for 25 years in a restricted Endodontic practice in Sydney. During that time she developed some problems in her head neck and back. She also noticed many other colleagues experiencing the same. This sent her on a journey of research and training in many therapies including many complimentary modalities to understand the impact, causes and how to resolve chronic pain.

In 1988 she came across the Feldenkrais Method a somatic education system whose concepts of neuroplasticity etc are now modern buzzwords in neuroscience over 30 years later. She completed the 4 year training at Melbourne University in 1992 to be a Certified Feldenkrais practitioner. From this method, she created her Working Posture Program to deal with work related injuries and pain from sitting all day in a stressed environment. She has been teaching this through the Sydney Dental school for 20 years both at graduate and undergraduate levels. Helping some Dentists to avoid early retirement and certainly avoiding unnecessary suffering. She now runs her program through the Australian Dental Association's CPD Program Dr Jones has also spent many years teaching undergraduates in both Dental and Medical Faculties of Sydney University In 2001 she retired from Dental practice and has been focusing more on her Feldenkrais work. She has Accreditation in 3 other complimentary healing modalities and has studied and continues to study acupuncture through the Australian Medical Acupuncture Group.
There is no doubt that Dentistry is a very challenging profession. We work sitting down all day, in a confined space in a physically demanding position. Often, it’s an emotionally charged environment and on people who for the most part, would like to be somewhere else. It is a recipe for STRESS!! Most of us have never been taught how to sit well and we often end up either tired, in pain or “crippled” at the end of our day. Dr Jones developed her WorkingPosture course based initially on the work of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, but has now adapted it specifically for all members of the Dental team and other people who sit to work all day While working in Endodontics for over 25 year she knows what problems the team experience. As a Certified Feldenkrais Teacher for over 25 years she has found successful innovative techniques to not only undo the damage already done by working in the dental office but a successful program to prevent work related injuries before they occur. She has been offering back care and sitting workshops to many and varied groups including the Dental Profession for almost 20 years. In the Sydney Dental Faculty her program has been part of Continuing Education for 20 years and it is now part of the Curriculum for BOH etc. Her program is currently being offered to the dental team through the Australian Dental Association CPD Program. (https://www.adansw.com.au/CPD/Courses.aspx)

Learning Outcomes:

1. Much more awareness of the functioning of their own body. To become aware when their posture becomes poor and is heading towards problems
2. Ability to use pelvis as foundation for all movements, providing a firm basis from strength and flexibility in trunk for strong AND flexible dexterity in the shoulders, arms and wrists.
3. Knowing how to avoid work injuries and help with rehab should problems arise

The Course will provide:

1. A theoretical PPT lecture on anatomy. Lecture also explains how the Feldenkrais Method uniquely uses neuroplasticity to change old habits and generate better posture, flexibility and work practices
2. A series of practical Awareness Through Movement lessons to retrain the body for better posture, dexterity and function
3. Access to further lessons online to consolidate learning from the workshop

Agenda 04 November 2017 / 09:00 - 12:00 / InterContinental Hotel Festival City, Dubai, UAE
09:00 – 10:00 Lecture:

Introductory Lecture + Anatomy of Trunk Support
10:00 – 11:00 Hands-on:

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson:
Turning and reaching using pelvis and hip- An awareness through movement lesson where students learn how to use their pelvis to turn and reach and avoid straining the neck and to avoid twisting movement that is so damaging to torso when working in a stressed environment.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson:
How to use “integrative core bracing” Helps develop core strength to give torso/spine strength AND flexibility. To do this we need to feel how to align the body.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM):
Sitting in chairs- This lessons bring teaching into sitting in a chair and integrates all previous lessons by brining them into the workplace. Showing how to adjust posture for turning, reaching, using Loupes and Microscope. Ideally this lesson could be taught in Simclinic but can be done using good flat chairs.
11:00 – 12:00 Hands-on:

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson:
Arm reach and roll- An awareness through movement lesson where students learn how to soften their shoulders and arms and still have lots of strength control and delicacy of movement to do their work. These movements help to avoid RSI and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome—common in dental workers. The lesson also refines and integrates movements from earlier lessons by co-ordinating with trunk and pelvis.

Connectingfine motor movements of hand with torso. This lesson helps prevent shoulder and wrist problems amongst other things, Hands that are relaxed can have better accurate fine motor movements.