Dental Hygienist Seminar 2018

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Establishing Vocational Health Programs in the GCC Region


Working as a dental hygienist involves many aspects whether you are in a clinical or a non clinical set up. A dental hygienist can contribute to the community improvement through a variety of activities including training . Training is in continuous demand in all fields specially, the health field.

Vocational training is our focus in this presentation as  the dental assisting course ,implemented by efforts of a dental hygienist , went through many phases and challenges. Most of the challenges are  discussed and are being overcome despite the long process that the implementation phase went through

In 2017, Legislatives were put in Bahrain in order to help create a better environment for the vocational health training to take place. Now ,a strong base is created in the Kingdom of Bahrain for health continuing education and the short and long term courses.

Building on the base is the upcoming challenge which is an easier and more flexible process since the GCC region has the potential to host and receive these new health training approaches. Dental hygienists have the potential and the right characteristics to be involved in such programs and lead to a better health training environment.

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