Online Event | 13:00 - 18:00 UK Time 06-08 May 2022

Dental Facial Aesthetics Livestream Conference – The European Edition

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The event welcomed 2,626 attendees from 102 countries.  

Speakers & Scientific Programme

There were 20 international speakers from 7 countries such as UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and Norway connecting with an online audience to share the knowledge and latest developments in the world of dental technology. The following speakers gave their scientific presentations throughout the three-day event:

Day 1

Prof Paul A. Tipton: Treatment options for the wear patient
Ricardo Domingues: 4th Dimension Dentistry: The missing link in digital workflow
Prof Falk Schwendicke: Modern diagnostics facilitates modern management
Prof Göran Urde: Clinical importance of primary stability: Utilisation of ISQ measurement
Dr Gianluca Plotino: Near-infrared imaging (NIRI) and its application in everyday dentistry
Dr Hugo Grancho Pinto: Challenges in implant dentistry: Surgical treatment of peri
Dr Adam Patel: one grafting techniques in implant dentistry
Dr Marcos White: Digitally guided restorative dentistry

Day 2

Prof Dr Curd Bollen: Are ceramic dental implants just a hype?
Prof James Prichard: The expanding role of bioceramics in endodontics
Dr Rafi Romano: The digital workflow for a predicted and planned result
Dr Jane Lelean: Dentistry differently: Become the dentist everyone loves to recommend
Dr Eoin O'Sullivan: Communication is key: How digital workflows improve predictability in complex cases
Dr Elaine Halley: Future proofing a young smile
Dr Sagi Shavit: Prepless posts
Dr Timothy Eldridge: An introduction to facial aesthetics and how it can help your dentistry

Day 3

Dr Tom Bereznicki: Unintended changes to the occlusion following the provision of night guards
Prof Nairn Wilson: The College of General Dentistry: The collegiate home for the dental team
Dr Linda Greenwall: Treating and managing tooth wear: 3-step additive technique
Dr Ingrid Fjærvik: Why every GP should be embracing a digitally-driven comprehensive approach
Prof Paul A. Tipton: Essentials of tooth preparation
Dr Louisa Sherlock: How to avoid the courtroom
Dr Geoffrey Pullen: The ultrashort implant: Why ever go longer?

Many thanks to our moderators, for the insights and for coordinating the event:

Virtual Break with the Sponsors

During the virtual breaks within the programme, the sponsors' representatives had the opportunity to showcase various product videos of the latest technology and innovations.

Sponsors, Partners & Media Partners

The top leading dental manufacturers sponsored the conference further contributing to advanced dentistry in the digital era.

CAPP would like to thank all sponsors, media publishers and scientific partners for supporting the CAPP November Dental Livestream continuing dental education programme.

The sponsors included Align Technology Biotechnology Institute,  VOCO The Dentalists, Acteon, Carestream Dental, Dental Protection, NSK, Geistlich Biomaterials, Moxie Works, Orascoptic, J&S Davis, Trycare, Roott Open Implant System, Patent, McDowell Service Dental Laboratory, No5 Barristers' Chambers, and Modjaw.

CAPP November Dental Livestream was supported by the following scientific partners: Tipton Training, British Academy of Dental Implantology (BADI) , CAPP/Tipton Dental Academy, myFACE, and T Clinic.

"My gratitude to CAPP and all doctors for the impressive lectures. I appreciate you and your time you spent sharing all tips and tricks. I enjoyed every minute." – Elvira Shaislamova

"It's surely been beautiful 3 days of learning and newness of knowledge. Thanks to all the presenters for the excellent lectures. Thank you CAPP and BARD." – Omoshibo Eshikena

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"Brilliant lectures over the past three days. Thank you BARD and CAPP, and thank you to all the speakers. Thoroughly enjoyed this conference." – Samra Khalid

Thank you all for making this event such a success.
See you next year!

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