ON-DEMAND 05-06 May 2023

Digital dentistry conference: Tomorrow`s dentistry today

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Dentistry is passing through a pivotal moment where new tools and methodologies are allowing our profession to advance in ways not previously viable or even available.

Understanding these trends and rethinking your strategy accordingly support your goals in a rapidly changing digital world.

Join the lineup of experts who will demonstrate the scope and application of contemporary digital tools in their practice, and how to create a true digital advantage.

Sharing insights and best practice in topics including:

  • Engage and convert your patients with visual communication
  • The importance of an ortho-restorative approach
  • Digital accuracy, planning, smile design for superior aesthetic outcomes
  • Harnessing digital workflows for everyday and complex restorative treatments
  • Achieving predictable outcomes in orthodontics
  • The near future – Diagnostics, Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Guest Moderator

Dr Elaine Halley, UK

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