Dental Technician International Meeting 2016

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The Digital Workflow

Lecture: The digital workflow

Virtual planning and designing of the dental prosthesis has become an indispensable factor in modern dentistry and dental technology. The usage of new technologies results in greater accuracy, speed, and efficiencies leading to improvement in patient care. Furthermore, computer-based guided implant surgery is minimally invasive and requires a shorter chair time and fewer appointments than traditional methods.

In his lecture, MDT Clemens Schwerin from the South Tyrolean company Zirkonzahn, will explain and demonstrate Zirkonzahn’s recently upgraded CAD-software. The software has been developed with the aim to put together a software package in which all the existing software programmes are linked together to provide the user with a complete solution within a single software.

By demonstrating the single software modules and their distinctive features, he will describe new possibilities in treatment planning that allow bringing the patient data from the analog into the digital environment.

In this context, he will mention the PlaneSystem® for capturing and identifying the patient individual occlusal plane and any associated natural asymmetries with the aid of the Natural Head Position (NHP) and the ala-tragus plane. Together with the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner used for photo-realistic 3D digitization of patient faces, it guarantees a planning reliability for the dental technician and the patient, as the tooth restoration can be realized based on the patient’s physiognomy, taking into account bone asymmetries and resulting muscular compensation.

Schwerin will display innovative solutions achieved by modern CAD/CAM technology, show different patient cases and different material options and explain commonly encountered difficulties during the realization of the cases.

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