2nd Dental Hygienist Day 2014

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Oral Health Management: Between Myth and Reality

Nowadays an unacceptable amount of adults globally still suffer from oral concerns, including caries, gingivitis, dentin hypersensitivity, breath malodor and extrinsic stains due to the absence of awareness, yet he desires to remain a youthful attractive smile and fresh breath is nearly universal...

Good oral health is essential to prevent dental decays and gum diseases. Many molecules may alter the oral flora leading to many complications. With the proper daily use of dental hygiene tools and right fluoride based molecules, a reduction in bacteria can be achieved leading to a reduction of halitosis and decays with healthier gums.

Studies have linked poor oral health management with many systemic diseases. The aim of this presentation is to spread awareness among oral health providers on risk factors and the way to guide patients through a complete oral hygiene instructions with disclosing the latest fluoride molecules present in our daily practice used in the treatment, prevention and maintenance of complex cases with shedding the light on the misconceptions in oral health that we’re encountering today and the way to preventing it.


1. Establish general steps for the allied health care provider to conduct a complete and thorough oral hygiene instructions

2. Expose the molecules that can affect patients’ oral health.

3. Explore the latest fluoride molecules present in our daily practice used in the treatment, prevention, and maintenance of complex cases.

4. Establish the correlation between systemic diseases and oral health management.

5. Shed the light of the misconceptions encountered in our daily oral health management and the way to preventing it.

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