Tools and tips to manage a root canal blockage
12 Oct 2023 Online Event | 20:00 GST (UAE) | 19:00 KSA | 18:00 CEST Area of interest: General Dentistry, Endodontics


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Endodontic treatment is a predictable procedure with high success rates. Success depends on a number of factors, including appropriate instrumentation, successful irrigation and decontamination of the root canal space up to the apices. Complete preparation of the canal with proper working length and adequate debridement of infectious tissue are essential factors to successful root canal treatment. Occasionally, restorative materials, diffuse or discrete calcifications, root canal dilacerations or  iatrogenic canal blockages might hinder our ability to achieve patency to the apical third jeopardizing the treatment outcome. In this lecture we will try to give some indications to avoid some of this complications and explain how we can deal with them when they happen.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the problem of iatrogenic blockages (canal blockage)
  • Understand how to manage a canal blockage
  • Take away tips and tricks to use in everyday practice
  • To learn the up-to-date scientific knowledge and background to solve the different challenges 
  • To gain an understanding of the practical protocol of nickel titanium instrumentation systems for different challenges