Techniques and biomechanics design
25 Oct 2024 Online Event | 17:00 GST (UAE) | 16:00 KSA | 15:00 CEST Area of interest: General Dentistry, Orthodontics


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Temporary anchorage devices have become a mainstay of orthodontic clinical practice offering guaranteed control of anchorage for both routine and complex tooth movements. This presentation will outline some common uses of TADs, show placement techniques and discuss mechanics when using TADsfor conventional fixed orthodontic appliances and aligners. Anatomy of placement sites and advantages and disadvantages of these sites will be discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Review factors for success and failure in using TADs 
  • Review TADs placement technique, and clinical use of TADs 
  • Understanding of how to incorporate TADs into treatment planning 
  • Understand the difference in mechanics required when utilizing direct versus indirect anchorage

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