Orthodontic treatment of deep bite with cervera functional appliance (PCF) in early age: Management and effectiveness
28 Aug 2024 Online Event | 20:00 GST (UAE) | 19:00 KSA | 18:00 CEST Area of interest: General Dentistry, Orthodontics


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Deep bite is a common and challenging malocclusion for orthodontists to treat, and it can be quite difficult if not approached correctly. Early treatment with a functional appliance can assist in managing the problem and lay the groundwork for complete correction. The PCF is a brilliant and versatile removable appliance that serves as a valuable tool in our daily practice.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the importance of early diagnosis in deep bite malocclusion
  • Discussing the timing of treatment and various management approaches in early intervention
  • Exploring the use and correct management of a PCF (Cervera – Functional Appliance) to optimize results

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