New Technologies and Methods for Oral Biofilm Management From Theory to Practice
Hands-on course
09 Nov 2019, 14:00 - 18:00 Dubai | UAE | InterContinental Hotel | DFC Area of interest: Oral Hygiene

The “New technologies and methods for oral biofilm management from theory to practice” hands-on session is dedicated to those clinicians interested in learning and/or improving their skills and ability using advanced Air Polishing and Power Scaling systems, combined together.

During the hands-on all the participants will use and develop a practical experience concerning the ultimate technology Air Polishing and Power Scaling devices from Mectron and all the most efficient and affective materials such us: air polishing powders both for supragengival and subgengival areas and piezo scaling inserts for periodontal non surgical treatments and preventative procedures, that could really improve the quality of their work in favor of their patients.

All the hands-on activities will be carried on synthetic typodonts under the supervision of an expert mentor and tutors.

Due to the practical nature of the hands-on, it is dedicated to a limited number of clinicians. 

Hands-on event preregistration is required.