Minimally invasive veneer preparation, cementation & smile design masterclass
Hands-on Courses
20-21 Nov 2024, 09:00 - 18:00 CAPP Training Institute | Dubai | UAE Area of interest: General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry


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Course Structure

This course consists of two parts – an online pre-course lecture on veneer preparations and two days of face-to-face live in-person hands-on training.

Day 1

  • The morning session will consist of a Smile Design lecture which will include:
  • How to choose between creating a natural smile or a media smile for your patient?
  • Cosmetic Imaging techniques for sales and treatment planning
  • Assessing Occlusal vertical dimension
  • Creating the correct Occlusal planes for the full mouth recon.
  • Choosing the ideal centre line for your patient.
  • Communication with the technician about the correct smile line and anterior Occlusal plane.
  • Creating ideal aesthetics by incorporating golden proportion into your restorations.
  • Understanding Anterior tooth shapes and anatomy to create beautiful Anterior composite and porcelain restorations 

The afternoon session will consist of veneer preparation hands-on training practical.

Day 2

  • Using phonetics to ensure correct tooth profiles
  • Lip lines and central incisor dominance
  • 50:40:30 rule for contact areas
  • Importance of the Dennis Tarnow rule for eliminating black triangle disease.
  • Creating the ideal buccal corridor and changing the emergence profile v banana teeth
  • Soft tissue aesthetics
  • Restorative solutions to uneven gingival margins
  • Use of pink composite and porcelain to mimic gingival tissue.
  • Using Anterior restorative Ortho GDP techniques to create ideal aesthetics before restoring

The afternoon session will consist of a veneer cementation hands-on training practical.

Important information

The participants must complete, before attending the face-to-face course, an online lecture

The pre-recorded online lecture on veneer preparations will show you the latest techniques for minimally invasive veneers and will include:

  • the use of preparation matrices to guide tooth preps
  • when to use Conventional vs slice preps
  • prepless veneers and when they can and can't be used
  • the importance of dentine sealing after preparation
  • feldspathic vs Emax restorations and how to choose which to use
  • impression techniques to ensure no distorted models
  • how to avoid black triangles
  • Geller Models vs standard modes for the fabrication of the Veneers
  • diagnostic waxing and prototypes