Management of splitting root canal systems. Instruments and techniques
24 Feb 2024 Online Event | 19:00 GST (UAE) |18:00 KSA | 16:00 CET Area of interest: General Dentistry, Endodontics


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The design and biological objectives of manipulating root canal treatments are thoroughly delineated in the contemporary field of Endodontics. Achieving these objectives in uncomplicated root canal pathways is generally perceived as a straightforward procedure with the multitude of instrumentation systems available today. Challenges arise, however, in the biomechanical instrumentation and obturation of root canal systems when confronted with complex internal dental anatomy. Anatomical pathways featuring bifurcations or trifurcations are particularly regarded as exceedingly challenging for both instrumentation and obturation procedures. The established fundamental endodontic techniques and instrumentation protocols may prove to be intricate when applied to such cases. This lecture endeavors to elucidate the requisite devices, instruments, and clinical skills essential for effectively managing anatomical pathways marked by splitting configurations in root canals.

Learning Objectives

  • Comprehend the intricacies of complex dental anatomy
  • Evaluate and select appropriate instrumentation systems
  • Master biomechanical instrumentation techniques
  • Refine obturation skills for challenging anatomies
  • Integrate clinical decision-making in managing complex cases

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