Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Certification Course (Online)
Virtual Classroom
10 Jul 2020, 14:00 - 18:00 Online Live Area of interest: General Dentistry

Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Course by AALZ: Learn from the World Opinion Leader in Laser Dentistry


After successful participation you will receive a certification "Laser Safety Officer" from AALZ – Aachen Dental Laser Center – Aachen, Germany

Course Structure

This is a theoretical course consisting of a two half days of online lectures and training (approx. 4 hours in each session).

We live in an exciting age in which technology is rapidly changing the world, and there’s no question that the world of medicine and dentistry is also undergoing rapid changes. The more that medical and dental professionals succeed in the goal of improving patients’ lives, the more the expectations of patients increase even higher. They seek and expect excellent results and demand procedures with little or no pain. Laser systems are quickly becoming as common as smart-phones in the daily life of medical and dental professionals. As with all medical devices that we depend on daily, it is important to understand the benefits and risks associated with the technology.

Curriculum and Course Targets

The innovative treatment methods of laser therapy include risks for both practitioners and their teams as well as for patients if fundamental technical, biological and physical information about the application and laser safety measures are not or insufficiently known.

We prepare you for safely using lasers by giving you an in-depth understanding of laser physics and laser-tissue interaction. With examples, we clarify the need for safety precautions in the use of lasers in everyday medical and dental practice. We explain statutory regulations, demonstrate their implementation in practice and describe laser application fields.

Download the brochure here: 10.07.2020_Laser Safety Officer_Brochure.pdf


  • Introduction to basic laser physics
  • Properties of laser radiation
  • Generation of laser light
  • Biological interaction with laser light
  • Absorption behaviour of laser light in biological tissues
  • Laser parameters and their influence on the tissue interaction
  • Hazards of laser light
  • Eye damages and laser safety goggles
  • Other risks such as aerosol exposure etc.
  • Measures to minimise and mitigate laser risks
  • Duties of the LSO (Laser Safety Officer)
  • Device safety
  • Treatment room safety
  • Work space safety
  • Safety checklists

Course Days

This is a theoretical course consisting of a two half days of online lectures and training (approx. 4 hours in each session).
Part 1 (Day 1): 10 July 2020 from 14:00 to 18:00 UAE Time (GMT +4)
Part 2 (Day 2): 17 July 2020 from 14:00 to 18:00 UAE Time (GMT +4)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who should attend the course?
Dental Professionals who work or plan to work with Lasers.

What about the CME?
Everything you attend online will have the usual local GCC and international (ADA CERP) accreditation for CME hours.

What if I have questions during the Online LIVE Course?
You will be able to address any questions directly to the speaker via the chat function because this is a live session.

What else do I get?
You will receive an access to the Online Library of Aachen University called ILIAS in terms of materials related to the course.

What about the exam?
At the end of the course, you will do an online multiple choice question (MCQ) exam.

I still have unanswered questions.
Please call / WhatsApp at +971502793711