A New Era in Reciprocating Instruments in Endodontics
22 Oct 2021 Online Event | 20:00 UAE Time zone Area of interest: General Dentistry, Endodontics



Reciprocation in endodontics was developed to reduce the number of files in shaping. Several clinical studies have reported that single-file reciprocating systems have a low incidence of fracture and enhanced resistance to cyclic fatigue. The first generation of single-file reciprocating file systems was very stiff and could cause problems in shaping canals with apical curvature or in curved canals. A new reciprocating single-file system has overcome these problems, due to the flexibility of the files.

This new range of instruments can safely and easily be used in curved canals and is minimally invasive.

Learning Objectives

  • Continuous rotation vs. reciprocation
  • Discover the new conservative reciprocation concept
  • Understand the alloy and the design of the latest generation of reciprocating files
  • Clinical protocol
  • Clinical cases

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