IAS Academy Presents The CSA Light Course. (ClearSmile Aligner – Light)
Hands-on / Online
03 Nov 2017, 13:00 - 18:00 Dubai, UAE Area of interest: General Dentistry

Course Description

This Course is designed to take you through a step – by step approach to CSA which can be used as a standalone treatment, or in combination with Inman Aligners. This course is taught with the same IAS protocols to ensure the highest level of aesthetics, quality and functional outcome for the patients ClearSmile Aligner is manufactured to exacting standards of IAS Academy using the latest “state of the art” planning, digital technology & materials to make treatment as simple, comfortable and safe as possible.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the system
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Arch Analysis and planning
  • Case Selection
  • Impression taking
  • Treatment execution
  • Space creation/ IPR/PPR and
  • Retention
  • Using IAS support
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