Hands On in Metal-free Lithium Disilicate
Hands-on course
08-09 May 2016, 09:00 – 17:00 ICTe, Deira, Dubai, UAE Area of interest: General Dentistry

New IPS e.max lithium disilicate LT, HT and MT offers new esthetic options for creating exceptional true-to-nature restorations regardless of the fabrication technique

In the past few years, patients have become increasingly interested in esthetic restorative procedures. As a result, the demand for all-ceramic restorations has risen greatly. By employing innovative ceramic components, such as the new lithium disilicate translucent materials, we can offer new esthetic options for creating exceptional true-to-nature restorations regardless of the fabrication technique.

In this workshop, two central incisors and a molar will be fabricated using the new IPS e.max PRESS HT and MT materials. In the course, we will determine the advantages of the new IPS e.max PRESS translucency ingots and show that these materials outperform oxide-ceramic materials by far in terms of light-optical behaviour and strength.
During the hands-on course, the students will have the opportunity to complete and refine a pre-formed bridge in resin of 6 upper-anterior elements in order to apply and harmonize the esthetic concepts to the form and to perfect the surface texture of the elements.

Throughout the course, each technical phase will be individually photographed.

The digital photographs will be immediately inserted into Power Point in order to perform a step-by-step critical analysis of the form and color results of our restorations before proceeding with the next phase.

During each phase, photographic techniques and tips, along with how to best create a multi-media case presentation, will be demonstrated and explained.

  • The core for a veneer on a central incisor #21 will be fabricated with: IPS e.max Press MT, shade A2
  • The core for a build up crown on a central incisor #11 will be made of: IPS e.max Press LT, shade A2.

Both pressed glass-ceramic copings will be veneered with IPS e.max Ceram using a customized layering technique. The technique will be presented both theoretically and practically.

IPS e.max Ceram is a low-fusing nano-fluorapatite glass-ceramic suitable for veneering all types of IPS e.max frameworks. Fluorapatite crystals in the nanometer range provide a unique combination of translucency, brightness, and opalescence. Because of their easy handling as well as the unrivalled esthetic potential of their crystal matrix, these veneering materials are a pleasure to use.

  • A fully anatomical crown on molar #26 will be fabricated with IPS e.max HT, shade A2, and finished using the staining technique.


The following topics will be addressed in the course:

  • Slideshow
  • Presentation of the system components
  • Shading options
  • Control of absorption and reflection
  • Adjustment of different translucencies
  • Ceramic firing
  • Shaping and shading by means of an additive layering technique
  • Imitation of natural surface textures
  • Glaze firing – corrective firing
  • Mechanical polishing to achieve an optimized surface gloss

The workshop will be rounded off with tips and tricks that help you to ensure efficient and effective procedures in esthetic dentistry.