Guestology in Practice Part 2
06 May 2023 WATCH ON-DEMAND Area of interest: Pharmacists


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Guest service is challenging work! With empathy and a smile, Guest service teams have to offer exceptional service. Managing challenging guests is a critical component of the retail sector. Successfully managing challenging guests necessitates a high degree of patience, empathy, and effective communication abilities. This webinar explores various tactics that can be employed to manage difficult guests, such as active listening, demonstrating empathy, providing solutions, and establishing boundaries. Ultimately, proficiently dealing with problematic guests can aid in preserving a positive reputation for the business, increasing guest satisfaction, and boosting repeat business.

Learning objectives

  • Find innovative ways to add value for the guest through guest service
  • Deal appropriately with difficult guests
  • How to adapt as per guests behavior styles
  • Navigating the Negatives (preventing and dealing with challenging guests)
  • Best in class case retailers’ cases for guest service in retail (What, How)


Dr Ahmed Elghattas, KSA

People Development Manager
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