Guestlogy in practice Part 1
11 Mar 2023 WATCH ON-DEMAND Area of interest: Pharmacists


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Guest service is challenging work! With empathy and a smile, Guest support teams have to offer exceptional service, deal with angry people, and de-escalate intense interactions. Your team - and you-deserve support.

This series on guestology will focus on the guest mindset, providing proper guest care service during heavy footfall and managing difficult guests. Managing the various aspects of heavy footfall can prove challenging, with long queues we will dive deeper into solving these challenges together. After the sessions, participants will feel more confident to manage these tricky situations and come away with inspiration and passion to provide outstanding guestology service.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to provide an exceptional Guest experience in a busy store environment.
  • Combine tactical empathy with de-escalation maneuvers to control and measure your response rather than relying on reactive or justifying reactions.
  • Move guests out of the right emotional brain through empathy and validation, which helps you preempt escalations.
  • Apply the reframing technique to positively position the response to guests.
  • Get guests to de-escalate on their own by offering choices and presenting options.
  • Walk away with a repeatable three-step framework to apply to linking the communication chain, redirecting and guiding guests to the next steps during heavy footfall in busy stores.