Dynamic smile analysis, tooth form selection and the facial integration. How to integrate them in the new digital era?
18 Jun 2024 Online Event | 20:00 GST (UAE) | 19:00 KSA | 18:00 CET Area of interest: General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry


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Every year it is easier to document our cases, thanks to the improvement in digital photography.  We already know how important it is, probably not to document the whole case, but at least to give the technician certain information and to have a minimal protocol for the diagnosis and planning of anterior cases. This is crucial for us in order to develop a minimal sense for esthetics and it will help us to recognize what kind of treatment we should do and for example, how many teeth we should include or leave untouched. The facial midline and inclination of the teeth midlines or oclusal plane are crucial, should be under control and if there is no way to parallelize them we should at least diminish their esthetic impact, following natural asymmetries. How to choose the proper tooth form and size it is also of paramount importance and still difficult to control. Unfortunately, CAD-CAM technology is still not making it any easier. Many clinicians and technicians are still making copies of human-made wax-ups.

How to simplifiy clinical digital protocols and combine them with simple traditional tools will be the key of the lecture. New insights about smile design, tooth form selection, laypersons preferences, face asymmetries will be shown, based on detailed clinical cases and the newest publications.

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