Advanced Anterior Composite (Direct Veneer and Diastema Closure)
Hands-on course
15 Nov 2015, 09:00 - 18:00 Dubai, UAE Area of interest: General Dentistry

Course Description

The course will cover the necessary knowledge to master advanced anterior aesthetic direct restorations. After the lecture and clinical cases discussion, the participants will prepare the teeth 11, 12 and 22. They will have to restore the central and lateral incisors due to problems in their proportions, insufficient length, a class Iv defect with a direct veneer and restore an asymmetric diastema medial. Reconstruction with composites of the incisal borders a peg lateral, one direct veneer and a diastema closure will be done. The right use of the different shades and opacities plus the necessary skills and knowledge for achieving the right shape, contours and natural appearance will be the focus of the course. In addition, new techniques for the closure of spaces and correction of the tooth form will be presented. All the steps will be shown by the instructor with an HD camera with high magnification for an explanation of all the details.

Course Objectives

  • Understand classic indications of composites and their survival.
  • Understand the vast improvements in material science and the treatment possibilities they are opening
  • Prepare properly for a direct veneer and decide when and when not close a diastema with composites
  • Understand the challenges of diastemas and their functional limitations
  • Use the polychromatic approach for anterior direct restorations
  • Perform advanced anterior restorations like difficult class IV, direct veneers, peg laterals and diastema closure with a novel technique.

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