3D Imaging Workshop Introduction to Computer-Guided Implantology: Training on Accuguide® Program
Hands-on course
03 May 2013, 10:45 - 12:45 Dubai | UAE | JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Area of interest: General Dentistry


Hands-on will allow the dentist to work on the AccuGuide® program and discover all the friendly and useful tools to include in an everyday practice. This workshop is dedicated to dentists who wish to start working in Computer-guided Implantology to improve their skill and confidence. The world of images in coming into dental practices but very often, dentists can hardly understand what kind of tools should be the best for them to integrate this world. Most of the systems are closed and protected by strong monopolies. Dentists are perplexed about the use of these tools. AccuGuide® software program is an open program, it is a new and innovative suite of modules in the field of computer-guided implantology and diagnosis (impacted teeth, tumors, nerve path...). AccuGuide® software includes 3 modules: U Treat for image treatment, U Plan for implant planning and U Design to design surgical guides. Each participant is invited to bring his own laptop and computer mouse to be able to take profit of the workshop. We'll deliver a free demo program and cases for each participant. The computer must be tested to get the good requirements to run the program.

The aim of the lecture and workshop

Introduce participants to computer-guided implantology. Allow each participant to be able to import a DICOM file, clean, treat and segment this CT scan, plan one implant and understand how to order and use a surgical guide.

Mandatory conditions

  • This training session is opened to dentists, oral-maxillofacial surgeons, dental lab technicians, and radiologists.
  • Participants must come with their laptop and a mouse.
  • The minimum requirements to run AccuGuide® program is:
  • A computer running either Windows XP or Windows 7.
  • The computer may be a Mac running Windows XP or Windows 7 thanks to Parallels Desktop v6.
  • With 2Go RAM at least
  • With a graphics card having at least 256Mo video memory, supporting OpenGL 2.0.
  • Before the workshop, it is mandatory to run the Test configuration program to check if the laptop is working well enough to load and work on AccuGuide® program.
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