CAD/CAM Digital & Oral Facial Aesthetics 37th Int’l Dental ConfEx

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Poster Title: Evidence based practice: Apply to overcome
Poster Presenter: Dr Jacob Philip Eapen
Abstract: Increasing urge to provide the most efficient Access and effective treatment to obtain the best treatment outcomes have led to an evolution in evidence-based practice. Applying evidence-based practice through enhancing skills, evaluating advantages, observing barriers and methods of overcoming hindrances.

Poster Title: Smile Designing & Rehabilitation
Poster Presenter: 
Dr Rahul Chadha
Regarding the aesthetic Smile designing and Rehabilitation:-
Contouring & designing of anterior smile Crown cutting with proper occlusion, overbite, protrusion and crown lengthening, overjet, occlusion With anterior opening, proper designing of Smile with spacing and articulate for anterior aesthetics.

Poster Title: Effects of different prophylaxis pastes, cups, and brushes on the gloss of three restorative materials
Poster Presenter: 
Dr Mawadh Demyati
Effects of Different Prophylaxis Pastes, Cups, and Brushes on the Gloss of Three Restorative Materials.
Mawadh Demyati, BDS, SBPD;1 Fouad Salama, BDS, MS;2 Maimona Almaker, BDS;3 Latifa Alhowaish, BDS, DClinDent, M Paed Dent4.
1A senior registrar, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; 2Former Professor Pediatric Dentistry, King Saud University; 3General Dental Practitioner; 4Associate Professor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Poster Title: Reattachment of fractured tooth fragment
Poster Presenter: Dr El Bekkay Hafid
Abstract: Children and adolescents are commonly affected by traumatic dental injuries that mainly include coronal fractures of anterior teeth. One of the alternative for managing such tooth fractures is the reattachment of the dental fragment when the tooth fragment is available and there is no or minimal violation of the biological width. Fractured tooth fragments reattachment can provide good and long-lasting esthetics. It restores function and provides a positive psychological response as tooth's original anatomic form, colour, and surface texture are maintained and is a relatively simple procedure. Prognosis of the case highly depends on patient cooperation and understanding of the limitations of the treatment. This Poster reports highlights treatment of a coronal tooth fracture case that was successfully treated using tooth fragment reattachment.