CAD/CAM Digital & Oral Facial Aesthetics 37th Int’l Dental ConfEx

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Enhancing restorative outcomes with clear aligners


Complex aesthetic cases require a careful and interdisciplinary approach. In many situations the combination of clear aligner therapy and adhesive restorative techniques allows clinicians to develop minimal invasive treatment plans. The key is correct planning and digital technology is extremely useful to define and predict the outcome of the treatment. In this lecture, the latest innovations of this approach are presented with clinical case displays. 

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the importance and process of smile analysis in orthodontics.
  • Learn about the evolution of clear aligner therapy and its increased predictability in achieving desired outcomes.
  • Explore the role of clear aligner therapy as a pre-prosthetic treatment in preparing patients for dental prosthetics.
  • Understand the benefits and techniques involved in digital planning for interdisciplinary rehabilitation in dentistry.
  • Learn effective strategies for presenting treatment plans to patients in a clear and comprehensive manner.
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