Online Event | 09:00-16:00 UAE Timezone (GST) 25-26 Nov 2023

CAPP November Dental Livestream

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Out of sight, out of mind? What every clinician should know about light curing

Date: 26 November 2023 | Time: 09:00-10:00 (GST) | Location: Online Event


This presentation will cover the science of photopolymerization, which is essential knowledge for all dental professionals using curing lights. From the equipment you use to operator technique, you will discover that light curing is much more than just saying, '... and then you light cure.'

Curing lights and light-curing have become integral components of the dental office. However, how much have you been taught about this essential piece of equipment? It's not only about the irradiance measured on a table with a dental radiometer. Factors such as the emission spectrum, active tip size, and power output are all important considerations. This lecture will provide insights into the fundamentals of light curing and how you can easily enhance the success of your restorations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of light curing.
  • Apply core scientific elements into your daily practice for improved restoration durability and quality.
  • How to compensate for shortcomings in curing units or poor technique.
  • Optimise operator technique with a simple 5-step checklist.
  • Operate curing lights in ways that are safe for patients and clinical team.
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