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FREE TRAINING | 14th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Exhibition

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Computer-Aided Implant Surgery (CAIS)


  • Step-by-step presentation of virtual implant treatment planning
  • Possibilities and limitations of CAIS

Prosthetic-driven implant placement is a key factor for successful implant therapy. In this context, Computer-Aided Implant Surgery (CAIS) offers an additional instrument for treatment planning and surgical implant placement considering prosthetic principles. 

CAIS is a modern rehabilitation concept combining all involved disciplines in a team approach. The continuous technological progress, in both the computer-based development and the dental production process, ensures new possibilities in the clinical and technical workflows. Nowadays, even a fully digital pathway with a model-free protocol is feasible. 

Virtual implant treatment planning is a powerful tool for pre-operative simulation of the expected treatment outcome. Therefore, a backward-driven treatment plan including the evaluation of prosthetic and surgical risk factors is essential for predictable and long-term stable results.

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