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Digital Restorative Workflow – integrating digital smile design into every day planning of cases and laboratory communication


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ACCREDITATION: 2 CE Credits Available


As dentists working in the aesthetic zone, we are taught that we have to be both scientists and artists. The quest for the ‘perfect but natural smile’ is demanded of us by both our patients and our profession.

It all starts with the diagnostic appointment. We need to understand our patients and be able to communicate the possibilities effectively to set appropriate expectations and to have them say ‘yes’ to treatment. We also need to diagnose our cases comprehensively including all the biological, occlusal and aesthetic considerations. This may include involving our dental technicians and other specialists early in the diagnostic process.

Dr Halley will share with you her understanding of how we can integrate smile design analysis with enhanced treatment planning and use it to better understand our patients. Combining this understanding with the latest digital diagnostic technology including DSD aids treatment planning and ultimately the delivery of consistent results. From digital photography, and video analysis through patient communication to enhanced laboratory communication, a team approach to caring for patients yields predictable outcomes.

Ollie will share ways In which Digital dentistry allows for both patient and dentist to be involved throughout the development of the restoration. This can be achieved by video proposals of smile designs and Digital wax-ups so the patient is consistently informed of the process of treatment, along with the material and design aspects. The power of Digital Dentistry is key for the patient's final predictable outcome.

Learning Objectives

  • To explain the step-by-step digital process to consistently treatment plan comprehensively starting from a facial perspective and including smile design
  • How to utilise digital tools for enhanced laboratory communication, patient communication and how to deliver predictable clinical results
  • To demonstrate the laboratory workflow when handling digital files and how to maximise communication and predictable results
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