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VITA ENAMIC® multiColor – The Beauty of Efficiency

Discover the benefits of the hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC multiColor for single-tooth restorations. A state-of-the-art material with a unique material structure, VITA ENAMIC multiColor offers numerous benefits during processing, including the ability to achieve natural esthetics with simple product processing. No firing or staining is required. True to the motto: Mill it. Insert it. Simply beautiful. 

The innovative material combines the load capacity of full ceramic with the elasticity of polymer, allowing for fabrication of highly precise restorations that preserve the natural tooth structure. Due the fast processing time, VITA ENAMIC multiColor is perfectly suited for one-day dentistry, enabling fast, highly esthetic restorations for happy patients. 

In our clinical case reports users across the world to demonstrate their approach from wafer-thin veneers to crowns with a significant load. See for yourself just how efficiently you can fabricate esthetic VITA ENAMIC multiColor restorations in a single session. 

Case reports: VITA ENAMIC multiColor hybrid ceramic (

VITABLOCS® - Premium Esthetics Made Easy

Would you like to create highly esthetic restorations simply, conveniently and straight from the machine? No problem! Choose between VITABLOCS Mark II (the monochrome feldspar ceramic block), VITABLOCS Triluxe forte (the polychrome block with a horizontal shade gradient) and VITABLOCS RealLife (the polychrome block with a three-dimensional shade gradient) and get started. 

Even after more than 35 years and over 23 million clinically proven restorations, VITABLOCS are still one of the most popular dental CAD/CAM materials on the market. Made of fine-structure feldspar ceramic, VITABLOS are the ideal solutions for esthetic and reliable reconstructions of minor defects and for highly esthetic restorations in the visible region.  

Learn more about this success story, discover interesting clinical case studies, and find out how you can use a material that has been proven a million times over. 

VITABLOCS – The CEREC material for premium esthetics (

VITA LUMEX® AC - One for All Ceramics and more

Tired of making compromises? Then discover VITA LUMEX AC, a modern low-fusing veneering ceramic with a host of benefits for the laboratory. Because VITA LUMEX AC…

… works on ceramic frame materials and on titanium.

… is ideal for a variety of indications.

… retains its shape, either as a one-bake solution or after several firings.

… delivers highly esthetic results, matching the VITA shade standard.

… meets the demands of a modern laboratory.

Learn more about the advantages that VITA LUMEX AC offers, be inspired by clinical case studies covering a wide range of indications, experience the success stories of dental technicians and get tips on working with VITA LUMEX AC from our tutorials.

VITA LUMEX AC » The veneering ceramic with more possibilities (

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