Online Event 19-22 Nov 2020

12th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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True Bone Regeneration: Working with Host Healing

Learning Objectives

  • To understand host healing of hard tissue and the regenerative process
  • To value the importance of host hard tissue in the long-term stability of dental implants
  • Assess the different types of particulate materials used in regeneration
  • Evaluate the difference between GBR and True Bone Regeneration 


Bone regeneration can only be achieved by the patients host physiology.  

During this lecture delegates will examine working with host healing and how we can optimise it using a novel synthetic particulate graft material, EthOss. This material is 65% Beta-Tri Calcium Phosphate and 35% Calcium Sulphate, materials the speaker has used since 2002 in nearly 6,000 successful grafts.  Both clinical and animal-based studies will be shown to exhibit the host response to the material.

Whilst the particulate graft material EthOss is osteo-conductive, it also has osteo-inductive potential to upregulate the host healing response to regenerate new bone.  These concepts originate from medical fields where there is extensive research in the importance of returning the host tissue back to its original state.  This is what patients prefer (no animal or human donor material, no remnant material in the site long-term) as well as being optimal for their physiology as bone is living tissue and needs to turn over.

EthOss was developed by a Dentist, Dr Peter Fairbairn, to suit his published protocol and is biocompatible, bacterio-static and stable.  The material also fully turns over to host bone and benefits from an integrated membrane, removing the need for a separate collagen membrane.

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