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Triple Antibiotic Paste Used for Necrotic Infected Teeth Endodontic Treatments 1 Year Recall Evaluation


The ultimate goal of endodontic treatments is to save the tooth from extraction. In case of a necrotic infected pulp, the endodontic space should be treated with special materials to avoid having an unsuccessful endodontic treatment.

Materials and Methods

Ten patients with necrotic infected molars or premolars were selected for this study. The teeth were asymptomatic and were presented previous all extended composite fillings. They were opened with sterile diamond round burs considering the proper protocol for this step. The mechanical treatment of the root canals was executed together with proper irrigation. After drying the root canals with paper points, the teeth were closed with triple antibiotic paste inside the canals and temporary crown filling. Three RX investigations were considered for each case: one before the endodontic treatment, one after the endodontic treatment and one six months after filling. Several measurements were executed on the RX evaluations in the peri-apical area.

All the clinical procedures previously presented had the ethical approval from the Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara Ethical Comitee. Also all the considered patients signed the informed consent related to the treatments and for using the results for research purposes


Positive symptomatic results were obtained immediately after the triple antibiotic paste filling. The peri-apical lesions decrease dramatically in 90% of the cases while in 10% it decrease only at 50% from the initial dimensions.


The previous presented method could act as a valuable tool for endodontic lesions. Further studies are necessary in order to be able to define the advantages and the limitations of these method.


This research was performed in the frame of the PhD grant of the ”Victor Babeș” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timișoara — 4133/01.10.2018 (contract no. 16082/02.11.2018).

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