11th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Robotic Use in Orthodontics: Literature Review


In the orthodontic treatment there was always the need to improve efficacy and efficiency of appliances because if the orthodontic appliances were improved the general dental treatment will improve and the standards of the oral health will change. Aims: the aim of this study is to compare between the traditional wire bending in fixed orthodontic appliances and the robotic made wire. Also, to check if robot wire bending is superior and has better results than traditional wire bending. 

Materials and methods

All articles from 2010 to present day were used for the research because robotic made wire came in use at this time. Databases such as MEDLINE via Ovid, Web of science, Embase, Cochrane Library and LILACS were used as they contain all the medical articles which were very helpful for the research. 


In this study 7 papers were included and it was found that the result of using a robot to bend the archwire in the process of making a fixed appliance will increase the treatment accuracy, efficacy and efficiency, also decreasing the treatment time and patient discomfort thus improving the orthodontic treatment in general. 


orthodontics treatment which uses a robot or machine to twist the archwire that is utilized in fixed orthodontics apparatus will have a greatly improved forecast with amazingly less treatment time in comparison to the traditional strategy.

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