Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 19-22 Nov 2020

12th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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The Profitable Prevention Package


According to WHO, dental caries is still the most prevalent disease in the world and the number one reason for tooth extraction is periodontitis, so how can we support our patients in achieving better oral and therefore overall health? How can we ensure that the treatment provided can last aeons? Can we offer a service based on daily biofilm management, patient motivation and reinforcement that is profitable and that can equally, introduce us more patients and increase our job satisfaction? In our interactive seminar we will answer those questions and present a successful prevention model, that you can easily implement in everyday practice. 

It has always been a desire of dental professionals to offer prevention sessions, that are educational, engaging and fun! However, the challenging aspect is the patient seeing and feeling the value of such a service in which they would be happy to return and pay for.  On this course, you will learn how a multitude of factors can enhance, emphasise and place value in prevention for our patients. 

Dental professionals have a key role in their patient’s instruction, motivation and education. Together we will learn how specialised techniques in oral care together with the digital behaviour change tool -BOB App, create a positive oral health attitude.  

The speaker will also discuss her own clinical experience and just how she and others were able to create such prevention sessions- even pre-pandemic. 

This is an opportunity for you to not just consume another lecture yet partake physically and create together inspirational and unique services for your patients. Be part of creating a better future for all in providing services to prevent further disease. 

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss prevention only sessions are possible and profitable
  • Discuss the embrasure, measurement and maintenance with the IAP & bleeding on interdental brushing index BOIB
  • Explain criteria for oral hygiene tools, overview of oral hygiene techniques with intraoral and on model demonstration (Bass Technique, use of calibrated Interdental Brushes, use of hand and electric toothbrush) 
  • Describe an implementation of behaviour change & communication techniques within your appointments
  • Discuss BOB App as behaviour change tool 

Demonstration Session

  • Bass technique with manual toothbrush 
  • Use of Hydrosonic electric toothbrush 
  • Measurement of interdental spaces with interproximal access probe and use of interdental brushes 
  • Use of digital behaviour change tool - BOB app 

During the demonstration session, we will together practice an effective Bass technique with the manual toothbrush. The first demonstration will be performed on a mouth model and in the second step, via intraoral. The speaker will also be brushing live with the delegates. Correct use of Hydrosonic electric toothbrush will be shown on a mouth model. A live demonstration on how to measure embrasures with the interproximal access probe and then the different techniques which can be used with interdental aids. The speaker shall again demonstrate live on herself and a mouth model. 

Participants can expect a fully interactive experience in which learning is completed by mirroring and creating their own BOB Score.

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