Online Event 19-22 Nov 2020

12th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Oral Rehabilitation Influencing Smile Design and Facial Aesthetics

Lecture Objectives

  • the development of customised multidisciplinary treatment planning
  • the input and relationship between the involved specialities 
  • the differentiation in the approach therapy in the absence or presence of infectious problems.
  • the achievement of objectives ranging from the basic triad: health, function, aesthetics to reach changes in smile design and facial architecture

Oral Rehabilitation should not be considered as the treatment of some defective teeth with an aesthetic upgrade which is often claimed in the profession but rather as the treatment of full arch or full mouth for therapeutic and/or aesthetic reasons.

To achieve all the objectives mainly the aesthetic ones, such therapy necessitates a rationale of therapy and a comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment planning involving a team approach with constant coordination between the different specialities.

The end result would affect not only the components of the stomatognathic system (teeth and/or implants, periodontium, maxillae, TMJ) but could have an impact on the architecture of the smile and the face.

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