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12th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Occlusion Assessment Related to Postural Position of the Patient


Recording the patient's different occlusion positions also depends on the postural position of the patient.

The aim of this study was to propose the optimal position for the process of recording the patient’s occlusion.

Materials and Methods

38 patients with ages around 20 years old were considered for this study. The occlusion was obtained using the T scan system (Tekscan Inc, USA). The patients were asked to allow the practitioner to take the maximal intercuspal position while they were seated in 4 different positions: in the dental chair, on the chair, standing up and standing on PoData system. PoData system (Chinesport, Udine, Italy) is used for plantar pressure assessment. The system provides information about weight distribution, barycentre and stabilometry.

The subjects were asked to stand on the platform, barefoot, in upright posture, lower limbs extended and arms positioned naturally along their sides for 20 seconds. The recordings were performed in the following situations: eyes opened, eyes closed, mouth opened, occlusal stabilisation, teeth clenched, face to the right, face to the left, head retroflexed, head tilted to the right and head tilted to the left.

Plantar pressure was recorded on three anatomical regions: first and fifth metatarsal heads and on the heel, for both right and left foot. The measured body centre of pressure was then compared with the theoretical one. Afterwards, the body centre of pressure deviation from theoretical reference was measured on anterior-posterior and latero-lateral axes.


The occlusal recordings (maximal intercuspal position) obtained from all the patients in all the forth considered positions were then compared with the theoretical one.


The positions’ results corresponding to the patients seated and standing up were more accurate in comparison with the ones in the dental chair. 

Alexia Musca, Eniko Demjan, Elena Constanța Amăricăi, Meda Lavinia Negruțiu,
Mihai Romînu, Corina Mărcăuțeanu, Cosmin Sinescu
1Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Timișoara, România

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