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Knowledge and Attitude of Parents towards Avulsed Permanent Tooth of their Children and its Emergency Management at RAK College of Dental Sciences Clinic


Traumatic injuries to dentoalveolar tissues are considered the most serious oral health problem amongst children and adolescents [1] Epidemiological studies revealed that children from 8 to 12 years often suffer a dental injury [2]. It may vary from minor tooth fracture to extensive dentoalveolar damage that involves the supporting structures and avulsion [3]. Avulsion is defined as total dislodgment of the tooth from its socket. It represents about 16% of all traumatic dentoalveolar injuries (TDI) [1]. Central incisor is the most affected tooth due to their labial projection which make them more susceptible to facial trauma [4].


Our aim was to assess the level of parental knowledge and their attitude towards dental avulsion and its emergency management, to increase the background of dental trauma education and emergency management of dental trauma among parents by Educational programs.

Materials and Methods: The questionnaires were distributed on 125 Parents having children from 6-12 years old in Pediatric Dentistry Clinic, RAK College of Dental Sciences. The study was cross sectional descriptive study, Patients were selected based on inclusion and exclusion.


Parents who had knowledge of dental trauma were 32% of total respondents, and 38% parents didn’t have knowledge. This was evidenced in replanting the avulsed primary teeth, brushing and using antiseptics to clean the roots, holding the root instead of the crown, dry storage of the avulsed permanent teeth, and neglect over time from most of the parents.


Among parents in RAKCODS clinic, it was found that they have low level of knowledge regarding procedures to follow in an emergency related to tooth avulsion and replantation.

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