11th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Innovative Periodontal Laser Treatment Concept with additional Attention to Gingival Recontouring and Depigmentation

While the laser may not be capable of replacing the scaler or the curette jet, it is a successful supplement for combined periodontal treatment. 

The alterations and effects on periodontal and adjacent tissue, described in the literature and rated as advantages, appear to coincide with the desired therapeutic goals in cases of marginal periodontitis. Therapeutic gaps that exist when using other, non-surgical methods can be sensibly closed. 

The laser beam results in unspecific destruction of the species of bacteria in the periodontal pocket. The procedure makes it possible to avoid the risk of resistance developing, which exists when antibiotics are administered systemically and, above all, topically. 

In addition, the laser beam vaporizes diseased tissue and the biofilm, whereas the removal of diseased tissue is not possible by antibiotic methods.

As there is no difference between laser and curettage wounds after the completion of re-epithelialisation, the possibility of the positive application of this situation in the sense of non-operatively induced, controlled tissue regeneration (so-called GTR) should be borne in mind and regarded as a further advantage of laser treatment. 

If laser therapy is selected as the adjuvant therapy, the use of this supportive therapy could be extended to include the routine, non-surgical treatment of each and every case requiring periodontal treatment. 

After a successful periodontal treatment, the esthetic aspects will be addressed with the two different wavelengths namely the depigmentation and the gingival recontouring or gingivectomy.

Based on the available studies and our own research results, the use of Er,Cr:YSGG laser and the 940nm diode laser in laser-assisted, closed curettage can particularly be recommended.

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